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Here are a few of the many features that make St*rfleet light years better than the competition:
  • Garmin PND units in each vehicle minimizes fuel consumption by offering the most efficient route possible to get your drivers to their destinations
  • Dispatching to the Garmin PND makes dispatching quick, easy and very cost effective
  • Real-time tracking and vehicle history provides accountability, vehicle and driver security, and increased dispatching options
For Dispatchers:
  • Send new stops or remove cancelled stops in real-time
  • Live tracking of company vehicles
  • Schedule future stops with our intuitive scheduler
  • Send text messages or special instructions to your drivers
For Drivers:
  • Garmin PND for the driver interface
  • Receive alerts of new stops
  • Turn by turn directions
  • Send text messages to the dispatcher
For the Company:
  • Decrease vehicle operating expenses through more effencient scheduling of vehicles
  • Increase profits by being able to schedule more stops or service calls
  • Enjoy the low cost of St*rfleet



Nuvi 1200 Series Nuvi 300 Series
Nuvi 1300 Series Nuvi 600 Series
Nuvi 1400 Series Nuvi 700 Series
Nuvi 2300 Series Nuvi 800 Series
Nuvi 2400 Series Nuvi 7x5 Series
Nuvi 3700 Series Nuvi 2x5 Series
dezl 560 Series (New) Nuvi 465t Series



Operating System Windows 7, Vista, XP w/ SP2 OS X 10.4.8 and above
Processor Minimum Intel Pentium III 450MHz Minimum Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz
RAM 128MB 128MB
High Speed Internet required